Celes Beachfront Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand | Architect: Property of Vin Varavarn Architects Co. Ltd

Celes Beachfront Resort

Developer: Samui Palm Beach Resort
Year of completion: 2017
Architect: Vista Pagoda Co. Ltd.
Fabricator: Work Cons Co. Ltd.
Product: ALUCOBOND® naturAL brushed

The owner of the hotel wanted to renovate and turnaround their existing tropical resort with luxury villas into a modern fun-filled beachfront resort to welcome younger family groups. So he commissioned some of the leading and famous architects in this project including Vista Pagoda as landscape architects to revamp the entire look of the resort into "Celeste" - the Italian word for heavenly.

To give its facade a tranquil look, the Architect chose a very unique application which would move with the wind and also give it a bit of shimmer at the same time. The Architect explored various materials like Ceramic tiles, Green wall with plants but they finally chose ALUCOBOND®'s naturaAL Brushed finish as it provides a very soothing yet stirling look in different lighting envirnoments. Also important was the material to be corrosion resistant as this is on the sea. ALUCOBOND® was also chosen because it uses 5005A (Marine grade Alloy) and the core can be exposed to extreme weather condition by the sea like Samui Island. ALUCOBOND®'s durability, light weight, together with the look of brushed stainless steel was the perfect solution to match with the architect's idea.

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